Sports Betting For The Asian Beach Games

Hosted every 4 years, the Asian Beach Games has become one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world.

With over 45 countries competing, it shows the best Asia has to offer in a host of unique and exciting events that offer great opportunities for sports betting action.

The last event was held in Vietnam in 2016. The event stretched from 24 of September up to the 3rd of October. The next games will be held in 2020, with the host nation being picked from 4 countries.

The nations currently in the running to host the games are Cambodia, India, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

The events that feature in the Asian Beach Games include water polo, rowing, dragon boat racing, waterskiing, triathlons, martial arts, extreme sports and more.

The History Of The Beach Games

The first Asian Beach Games were held in Indonesia in 2008. The original number of competitors and events increased dramatically since this event. The 2016 games hosted 2197 athletes taking part in 172 events.

Thailand, Vietnam, China and Indonesia are considered the top competitors in the Asian Beach Games. With over 700 medals between these 4 nations, they are always great countries to place wagers on.

The Next Beach Games

Most sports betting sites feature the Asian Beach Games as a noteworthy event to feature in their betting options. The sheer number of countries that take part makes for some great betting action.

The next event will be held in 2020 so now is a great time to familiarise yourself with the diverse set of events that feature during the Asian Beach Games.

Picking The Best Sports Betting Site

To take part in real money sports betting on events like the Asian Beach Games, you will first need to find the best sports betting site that caters to your needs and budget. Now is one of the best times to get into sports betting. The range of competing betting sites makes it the perfect environment for bettors to benefit.

Sports betting sites offer you great promotions which can include free bets and deposit bonuses. Signing up is a simple process, all you will need is an internet connection and a legal bank account. Making wagers on prestigious events like the Asian Beach Games is but a few clicks away.

Why Online Betting Makes Sense

An online sport betting offers players great odds and a wealth of possible wagers to place. These can include simple straight bets on the outcomes of a single competitor in a single event in the Asian Beach Games, but also more complex wagers like spread bets themed on the performance of countries or the group results of specific events.

If you are new to the Asian Beach Games event, you will be able to find tips and wager advice at most sports betting sites so that you can place informed bets.

Real money wagers can be placed in a variety of currencies to make online play even more involved and convenient for any fan of this event.