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Boost Your Bets And Winning Potential When Playing Online

Land-based casinos offer great entertainment and rewards, but they’re all in competition with each other and need an extra something special to keep their players from straying over to the competition. This is what the live shows and fantastic comps are all about. Online casinos can’t offer these perks, but they boast many of their own advantages. It’s much cheaper and more convenient to play online, and you don’t have to deal with crowds and queues. The biggest temptations they offer are their constantly running promotions. These can boost your betting power and potential wins by quite a long way, taking them from decent to truly impressive.

Just like offline casino perks, these are intended to ultimately get you to spend more time and money. This means you need to check that the terms and conditions actually are favorable to you before you commit to anything. For example, the online casinos in America usually attach playthrough requirements to their bonuses, so you have to bet the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can cash out. Be careful not to be taken in by offers that seems too good to be true – they usually are! To learn more about the different online casino bonuses, read on here.

When Are Bonuses Awarded?

If you plan properly, you should be rewarded every time you make a real money deposit. Bonuses may come as part of Sign-Up packages, Loyalty Programs or other ongoing promotions. The Welcome (Sign-Up) Bonuses are used to entice new players so they are often the most spectacular, but don’t let yourself be too blinded by them. Check that the later rewards are also beneficial, so that you are always taken care of. Most online casinos offer great Loyalty Programs as well, and they usually have many different levels of perks. The more you play, the higher you climb and the more bonuses and other preferential treatments you get to enjoy.


The ongoing regular promotions are the most diverse rewards group, and you should be especially through as you check these out. Choose ones that suit the way you like to play, to maximize your bankroll enhancements. If you often make deposits, for example, find a site that offers good Reload Bonuses. There are also Referral Bonuses for recruiting new members, High Roller Bonuses for especially big deposits, and several others. The situations that award bonuses are limited only by a casino owner’s creativity.

What Type of Bonuses Are There?

Within the three different categories of bonus-worthy situations, there are three basic types of bonuses that are awarded. Firstly, No Deposit Bonuses are usually given as Welcome Bonuses. These allow you to play free without having to bet any money of your own, but to still keep what you win. Match Deposit Bonuses completely match what you wager and put it into your account, and Percentage Deposit Bonuses do the same with a percentage of what you bet on greyhound bets. These Deposit bets are common to every situation and are triggered by all kinds of things.

Worth the Effort

Bonuses are an important part of the online casino experience, and allow players to take more risks and bet more money. Invest some real time in finding the ones that work best for you, and enjoy a more rewarding gambling experience.

From Real To Virtual Gaming Online Casino

Casinos have always been a source of entertainment, and the advent of the Internet and the move from the real to the virtual has not changed this. An online casino can offer the same source of entertainment as a real life one, even in the USA where certain gambling laws may restrict online casinos, and they may even offer additional benefits that the real life casinos cannot offer.

The Basic Benefits

One of the most obvious benefits of online casinos is that they can be played from the comfort and convenience of one’s own home. If one is playing on a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet, one is also able to play wherever and whenever one wants to, whether that is at home or while waiting for the bus. The online casinos offer immense convenience and flexibility.

They also allow greater access to a multitude of games through the same portal. Many online casino sites offer slot machines as well as table, card, or dice games, and players can use the same account to play a variety of different games. There is even variation within one specific game, and most online slot players, for example, can choose from 3, 5, or 7 reel slots and a host of different themes.


Customer service is also more immediate with online casinos, and players can get individual attention and feedback and access help at all times through live chat rooms or customer call centers.

The Bonuses

One of the greatest advantages of an online casino is that they offer bonuses that real life casinos don’t. This is primarily due to the fact that there is immense competition between online casinos, and they have to find ways of promoting themselves to attract players.

The best way to do this is by offering free slots to potential players. This gives potential players the chance to test out various online casinos risk-free, that is, without having to provide any personal details or put down a deposit, in order to find a casino they like or become acquainted with various slot games they might like. If a player then decides on a particular game or casino, he can simply sign-up to the casino and open up an account, lay down a deposit, and move on to the money version of the game.

Once one has signed up, many online casinos continue to give out bonuses. These can happen straight after sign-up in the form of a welcome or sign-up bonus, where the casino offers a percentage of the initial deposit in additional credits to play online slot machines. The casino will often continue to offer bonuses, either when re-loading, as part of special offers or promotions, or during certain seasons. All of those bonuses can be used to continue playing without having to put down additional funds.

These bonuses entice totes betting players to continue playing and to stick with a certain casino, but they also increase the player’s chances of winning, making the online casino bonus a win-win situation for both parties.

Online Casinos In The USA – Heart Of Gambling

Casinos have always been entertainment hubs, and the world of games, numbers, and winnings offers a wealth of social interaction and joys. It is no wonder, then, that online casinos have also become popular. Sometimes what they offer is slightly different and they cannot always match their offline counterparts, such as in terms of social interaction, but even here they have strived to create alternatives, such as live chat rooms. In addition, online casinos have very often strived to offer more than their offline counterparts do, simply to attract more players, and they allow for a whole list of advantages that offline casinos do not offer.

Even in the USA, online casinos have been immensely popular. This is despite the battle that has been fought for the existence of online casino USA games and players. Online gambling was popular in its early days, but the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006 halted the expansion of online casinos. US players had to turn to online casinos hosted outside of the USA, which were still legal as the law clamped down on American online casinos and not American players. Since then, however, some of the laws have been loosened and gambling has even been legalized in some states. The existence of online casinos for US players is now steadily increasing.

Why Play Online?

As mentioned, online casinos offer numerous advantages that their offline counterparts cannot provide. For one, players don’t have to travel long distances, and they can play from the comfort of their own homes if they’re playing on a desktop computer, or even while on the go if they’re playing from a smart phone or tablet device. This offers immense ease of access and flexibility.

Online casinos may also offer players a greater variety of games as there are plenty of table, card, dice, and slot games available. They can often access a range of games from within one online casino site, enabling them to use the same account for numerous entertainment games.


Also, online casinos offer great customer service, and players can receive individualized attention through live chat rooms or customer call centers, and these are generally available at all hours of the day.

While there may be concerns with playing online, most licensed online casinos offer a safe and secure platform that keeps your personal and financial information private, and allows for easy transactions, deposits, and withdrawals.

The Appealing Bonuses

Possibly the greatest attraction of online casinos, however, is the existence of certain promotions and bonuses, Online casinos have to promote themselves by offering free slots or an assortment of bonuses, such as sign-up or welcome bonuses, re-load bonuses, or seasonal or promotional bonuses. Here the players are either given the option of playing slots risk-free before registering and opening up an account, or they may receive additional credits, most often as a percentage of their original deposit amount to play slots for longer. These may be offered to entice the USA mobile betting player to stick with a certain online casino, but they are of immense value to the player, and increase his chances of winning, allowing the online casino player to have the best playing experience possible.

Golden Legend, Video Slot With Chinese Theme

Based on an ancient Chinese legend about magical animals that bring the hero good fortune, the Golden Legend online casino slot from Play’n Go software does not follow a detailed storyline. It simple presents players with a number of beautifully fashioned golden icons against a rich purple background, the reels adorned with a pink lotus, jade-eyed golden dragons and red-and-gold Chinese banners.

Golden Legend plays on five reels revealing four windows each, and the title has 50 paylines. Players can adjust both the coin denomination and the number of coins bet per spin, giving a range of bets per line from 1 to 200 credits. The top level of play thus requires a bet of 10,000 credits per spin.

Golden Animal Statues in Symbol Selection

Golden Legend uses the poker card symbols 9 to A, all six of them depicted as gold characters decorated with textured lacquers in bright colours. Wins never fall below 10 credits for these icons in Golden Legend: the prize for three 9s, 10s, Js or Qs. 9s and 10s win identical prizes for all their matches, as do Js and Qs and Ks and As. Top prizes among these symbols are awarded for five Ks or As: 400 credits. As usual, symbols must be in unbroken succession from Reel 1 on the same payline to win prizes, and most symbols require three matches or better to win.

Base play also features five symbols based on the Golden Legend: two fish, a crane, a tortoise, a lion and a tiger. All of them are fashioned as rich gold statuettes, and the tortoise, lion and tiger pay prizes for two matches or better. For five of a kind, the five symbols win 400, 400, 500, 500 and 1,000 credits, respectively. The fish and crane win identical prizes for all their matches, as do the tortoise and lion.

Wild Icon Is a Solid Gold Ingot

A heavy-looking solid gold ingot, fashioned in the hat/boat shape used in ancient China, serves as the Wild symbol in Golden Legend. It can substitute for all symbols except the Scatter, helping to create more winning paylines. It occurs only on Reels 2, 3 or 4.

Dragon Scatter Triggers Rich Rewards

The Golden Legend Scatter symbol in Gaming Club casino slots game is an ornate red-and-gold dragon clutching a jade ball. Three Scatters anywhere on the reels reward the player immediately with 4X the total spin bet, and also trigger a round of 10 free spins. During these spins, two extra Wild symbols can appear stacked on Reels 2, 3 or 4, which can boost prizes satisfyingly.

The free spins round can be retriggered once during the bonus spins, for a maximum of 20 free spins per bonus round. The maximum prize possible during this round, theoretically, is 1,000,000 credits. However, to win that, the player would need to score a perfect mix of Wilds and Tigers only across all 50 paylines for all 20 spins, so this is unlikely. Nevertheless, the additional Wilds during free spins can help to deliver some substantial prizes.

The Melbourne Casino And Entertainment Complex

Melbourne in Australia is a city that takes great pride in its identity. In similar vein, the one and only casino in this city endeavours to provide its visitors with a unique casino adventure. The Melbourne casino is the only experience of its kind in Melbourne, and exceptional in the entire Australian context too.

The name of this casino in Melbourne is the Crown Casino and Entertainment complex. A landmark and rather notable architectural creation, the Crown Casino and Entertainment complex is a tourist attraction and very popular amongst both visitors and locals. The casino offers players abundant gaming options, free entertainment for punters and their families as well as a series of quality dining establishments.

The Treats on Offer for Clients

The Melbourne casino, the Crown and Entertainment complex offers punters well over three hundred traditional and varied casino table games. The range of slot machines has one of the broadest selections in the country, and the games all maintain a high level of fairness with certified payout percentages being published for each game and slots machine.

The online real money pokies and Entertainment complex opened its doors in 1997. The venue is located on the picturesque south bank of the broad Yarra River. The complex faces the waterfront and is part of the famous Southbank Promenade. The Crown casino and Entertainment complex is the size of several city blocks, thus the single biggest casino complex in the southern hemisphere and near the top in world casino complexes.

The Casino Games on the Menu

The Melbourne casino specialises in the provision of six high quality and primary casino table games. These games, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Pai Gow Poker also include a range of variants. Notwithstanding this excellent range, the casino also presents the Bigwheel, an electronic Vegas Star Roulette, and Rapid baccarat. The poker menu is particularly good, and well known, offering many table with Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker on the main gaming floor. There are also regular and ongoing tournament play happening.

The famous Crown poker room is an entity all of its own, housed completely separate from the main casino in the Crown basement. The Melbourne casino, as mentioned, hosts many tournaments and this program includes the annual Aussie Millions, which is the Southern hemisphere’s richest poker event. The Melbourne casino also plays home to the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific. The latest in the World Series of Poker itinerary.

Casino Software and Entertainment

It is an imperative, though, to mention the pokies selection. The Melbourne casino boasts 3500 pokies machines. The best known designer of these machines is the Australian developer Aristocrat. Aristocrat pokies games are famous around the world, and in many vases only available to Australians at the land-based venues of which Melbourne casino is the leader. Obviously, though, other designers such as WMS Gaming and Ainsworth Gaming Technology are also represented.

There are three hotels in the Crown casino and Entertainment complex. Nearly five hundred rooms, with thirty eight different dining options available. The complex has a tennis court on the roof top for AFL Grand Final betting, a large cinema, a bowling alley, and internationally recognised entertainment venue, the Palladium Room.

This is an important Entertainment Complex and iconic casino facility, for the Melbourne casino has developed a cosmopolitan and global clientele.

The Direction Of Online Casino Game Evolutions

A vibrant and sometimes overwhelming online world has meant that the amount of virtual entertainment available is nearly limitless. The gaming industry has taken over as the largest entertainment market in the world today, and the concept of gamification is even beginning to permeate the educational and teaching realms.

Despite all this evolution, and it is an evolution intertwined with major technological shifts, the first choice of so many people is still to visit an online casino. Perhaps the smooth integration of online and mobile capabilities with the essentially simple casino games has been a factor, or perhaps the human need for wagering and gambling has something to do with it, but over the past 10 years casino play online has continued almost unabated.

A Stable and Expanding Market

Interestingly, when the casino industry first realised the potential of a developing online market, their aim was to provide an online experience that was indistinguishable from land-based casino play. This prophetic aim has been adhered to, and despite the various technological changes has only gotten stronger. During the last two decades, tablet computers, smartphones, smart watches and virtual reality devices have all come into existence.

Online banking facilities have improved immeasurably, and communication systems have changed completely. And yet, a snapshot of the casino industry at the moment shows that not only has the industry grown enormously during this time, but has advanced substantially towards the original goal at the same time.

Improved Randomness And Fair Play

Part of the casino development process that should also be mentioned here, is the improved fair play aspect of casino play with the production of acceptable and verifiable random number generators. This has been instrumental in taking the casino industry away from a previously sleazy image, where mob-based characters controlled the house advantage for their own benefit, to online casino play that is checked up on by independent auditors and random number generators that can be verified for randomness by the players themselves.

The Path into the Future is Clear

The current state of play is that online casino game play is edging ever closer to their original goal. New live dealer casino facilities are coming online all the time, and with the introduction of Virtual Reality devices, virtual real live casino play has arrived. This is ridiculously close to being indistinguishable from the original brick and mortar casino experiences. In addition, online casino Singapore sites are regularly upgrading their services to take into account the need for social interactions, a feature of the latest online casinos that has been warmly greeted by players who seem to be hankering for some of the more indirect benefits of land-based casinos.

Many Consumer Benefits

Then there is the question of the casino games themselves. Beautifully situated within the economy of scale calculations, the very popularity of the online casinos has perpetuated their development and the vast number of games available to players. As software designers compete within this lucrative market, the odds on slot machines become ever better as the numbers available to play get ever more.

Rewards, promotions, bonuses, prizes and jackpots are all constantly growing within this developing world. This improves the situation for players even more and clearly establishes the future directions of casino play, a legitimized form of entertainment with a better chance today of winning real money than was ever dream of yesterday.

Enjoy Mobile Online Casino Games Baccarat From Home Couch

The mobile online casino games baccarat that players across the globe enjoy by means of their desktop computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets was derived from the European games of Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer. It is traced back to as far as the 1400s, in fact, when it first arrived in France from Italy, and the popularity it enjoyed with the French nobility ensured that it was kept active until its appearance in Las Vegas in the 1950s, where it quickly became the first choice of many dedicated casino game players.

Baccarat is Easy to Learn

Mobile online casino games online baccarat in canada carries with it the air of romance and mystery it has managed to build up over the years, but players will be overjoyed to discover that it is in fact a far simpler one to learn than they may have imagined. The game can be said to essentially rely on the bets made on the outcome of the flip of a coin, and seeing good money returns thanks to playing it is something that very quickly becomes a possibility for even the most inexperienced player.

Learning Baccarat at Online Casinos

Mobile online casino games baccarat provide a completely stress-free zone in which players are able to learn the game at a pace that they themselves set, and players are able to undergo this period of learning at no cost either. Free and demo mobile online casino games baccarat are incredibly widely available, and players are invited to find their feet with this age-old game of chance as slowly or as quickly as they may prefer.

Besides the free and demo versions provided online, tips and strategy hints as to how to make the most of mobile online casino games baccarat are also provided totally free of charge, and, once a grasp of the more general elements of play has been managed, refining the method by which they engage is an option for the dedicated player.

The game is played along with a shoe consisting of either six decks of cards or eight, and the casino offering it will determine whether or not players will be handling these or a dealer will be put in place. Mobile online casino games baccarat feature virtual dealers, and so these games have the cards dealt automatically by the software put in place to ensure that this is done as fairly as possible.

The value of the cards in the game of baccarat is a very easy thing to remember:

  • Tens; jacks; queens; and kings have no value at all in baccarat, and
  • Suits are immaterial
  • All of the cards in play that have a value lower than ten are held at face-value, with the aces being worth one.
  • Only single-digit card numbers are applicable: if a count reaches double digits, as in the case of an eight and a seven being added together, resulting in a total of 15, the left digit will drop away. In this case, 15 would become five.

The player’s object in the game is to bet on the hand that he or she thinks will have the highest value –either the player’s own or that of the dealer.

Online Casino Gambling In The Philippines

Philippines casino fans can find online casino gambling games and bonuses for free. The best online casinos offer you state of the art gambling software, secure data encrypted transactions, games that have been proven fair through audits as well as massive progressive jackpots.

Online casino gambling gives you access to way more slots, table games and video poker titles than you will ever encounter in a brick and mortar casino. You will also receive excellent all hour customer support.

Free Gambling Software

All the games and software found in online casino gambling is offered free of charge. Only casinos do not require you to purchase any games or software that they offer. The real money wagers you place will be all the money you need.

Not only is online casino gambling games free, nut at the most reputable online casinos they are regularly audited by independent third party organisations who test the casino software for fairness.

No Download Required For Games

When you are deciding which online casino gambling games to play, you won’t need to take into account the size of the games as online casino games do not require any downloads to run.

The software operates on the online casino’s cloud platform which allows you to play the game smoothly in your browser. This makes all the casino games instant play games that can be enjoyed with real money wagers as soon as you have signed up.

Real Money Gambling Online

Online casino gambling is often hosted in servers that are geographically far away from their customers who are spread across the world.

Since casinos offer real money wagering and need to cater to many currencies, you must play at online casinos that will specifically support the currency you wish to make wagers in.

Many online casinos will accept the Filipino Peso along with many other currencies. Real money wagering is available on table games, slots and more.

Easy Sign Up And Registration

Taking part in online casino gambling in the Philippines is as simple as 1, 2, and 3. First you need to find a reputable online casino, secondly you just visit the site and complete your online registration process and receive your player account.

Finally you will need to make a cash deposit to take part in real money wagering.

Great Online Customer Support

Online casino gambling at reputable casinos means that you can get some of the best customer support available online. The support staff of online casinos are well trained and helpful. They can assist with any account queries or software issues.

Many sites also offer you telephonic support. If you need in depth assistance, the support staff can guide you over the telephone or via email. For the fastest and most convenient support, online casino Philippines also offer instant messaging services.

Due to online casino gambling not having fixed hours, online casinos also can feature 24 hour support desks. This allows customers to play at all hours, secure in the knowledge that they can get full support, any time they need it.

Benefits Of Android Roulette Games While Playing

Thanks to the mobile revolution the days of having to be seated behind your computer to enjoy online casino games are long gone. These days, all your favourites, from pokies to table games and instant win entertainment to sports betting and bingo can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet.

Android Roulette has become one of the most popular mobile casino games as the wheel and table have made the perfect transition to a smaller screen and along with pokies, this game remains a firm favourite. Players are able to access Android Roulette at the touch of a button or tap of a screen and can enjoy free or real money games whenever they desire.

The benefits of Android Roulette are numerous and having easy access to the King of Casino Games anywhere, anytime, is a major coup. Never again will players be bored or frustrated; they can simply whip out their phone or tablet and enjoy the quick spin of a wheel, all whilst on the go.

Learn How to Play Roulette at Leisure

Without the restrictions of having to be seated at your computer, you’ll suddenly find that you have far more time to enjoy the casino games you love, or to learn how to play new ones. There are a number of Android Roulette games available for free and players can choose between downloading an app and enjoying in browser games without having to deposit a cent.

Android Roulette lets you master the game whenever you choose and you can read up on different betting systems and try them out whenever you have a moment spare. Roulette is a surprisingly easy game to understand so being able to play on the go doesn’t require a huge amount of concentration either. If you want to learn how to play Roulette you can do so with ease and there’s no need to spend hours glued to your computer as you can play as you go about your day.

Interactive Android Roulette

Regardless of whether you choose to enjoy European, American or French Roulette, the premise of the game remains much the same, even if the house edge and rules differ somewhat. In every game players must bet on where they think they small ball will land on the wheel, and the table depicts the numbered and coloured pockets that the wheel is separated into.

Playing roulette online android makes the game all the more interactive as you’ll have to touch the chips and position them on the correct squares or sections, and in some games you can even set the wheel to spin.

Quality Android Roulette

Leading online casino software developers have ensured that the Android Roulette games available online offer an authentic and realistic experience and that playing on a reduced size screen hasn’t impacted the enjoyment factor. Mobile casino games have been adapted to run seamlessly and Android Roulette provides the same great action and entertainment as their computer based counterparts.

The quality of mobile casino games is exceptional, especially considering the fact that software has had to be adapted for an array of operating systems. Android is one of the worlds most popular and to this end; it’s easy to see why there are so many incredible Android Roulette games on offer across the web.