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Play For Free Medusa 2 Online Slot Or For Real Money

Greek mythology describes Medusa as a winged human with a hideous face and venomous snakes for hair. Anybody who looked at her would immediately be turned to stone.  Medusa 2 is an online slot from Next Gen Gaming based on this Greek myth and has 5 reels and 243 paylines.  This means that players can create winning combinations with matching symbols in adjacent reels.


Medusa 2 has 5 standard symbols with payouts ranging from 400 to 100 coins for 5.  The playing card symbols are also featured and have payouts of 50 coins each for 5.  Players can click on the paytable or information button to view the payouts for all of the symbols.

Scatter and Wild Symbol

The Medusa 2 logo is the scatter symbol and will payout in any direction and all of the scatter wins will be multiplied by the total bet.  Medusa is the wild symbol and has a payout of 500 coins for 5, 50 coins for 4 and 20 coins for 3.  The wild symbol will substitute for all the symbols except the scatter and the wild symbol is stacked and will appear on all of the reels.

Medusa 2 Locked Reels

Medusa’s Locked Reels will occur during the base game as well as the free spins game.  The locked reels will happen when 2, 3, 4 or 5 reels lock together and when the reel stops spinning all of them will display the same symbols.  This allows for more wins.

Free Spins

The free games round is activated by 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels. Players will receive 10 free spins.  The locked reels will also occur during this round.  The free spins round can be reactivated when 3 or more scatters land on the reels and players will receive an extra 5 free spins.

Turned to Stone Stacked Wilds

A soldier may appear at random intervals during the base game and attack Medusa.  He will be turned to stone when he looks at her and a stack of wilds will be revealed.

Gamble Option

The gamble option is enabled after a winning spin and players can choose this option by clicking on the hearts and clubs button. Players will have the chance to correctly guess either the colour or suit of the playing card.  By correctly guessing the colour players can double their win and for correctly guessing the suit they can quadruple their win. Players will get 5 attempts to gamble.

The gamble feature is optional and players can either collect their winnings from the spin or choose to gamble.  If players guess incorrectly they will lose what they have just won at this pokies online for real money game.

How to Play

To start playing Medusa 2 players must first select how much they would like to bet and this ranges from 0.01 up to 2.00 offering 9 different betting options.  There is an autoplay feature where players can select to spin the reels for a certain amount of uninterrupted spins ranging from 5 to 100 spins.  The spin button will spin the reels one spin at a time.

Medusa 2 has good quality graphics and offers players 243 ways to win plus stacked wilds, free spins, locked reels and a betting range suited to all gaming enthusiasts.

Play Top Class Pokies And Casino Games At Popular Aussie Casinos

Australian online casinos feature some of the best, and most rewarding, online casino games to be played using Australian dollars, as well different gaming benefits, welcome bonuses and a variety of social gaming elements. Only the best gaming developers like Aristocrat and Microgaming are featured in these online sites and bring forth the best graphics, designs, themes and pay-outs. These accredited and licensed online Aussie sites also feature games which are perfect for both the online gaming beginner and seasoned gaming pro.

When you Play top class pokies and casino games at popular Aussie casinos you can choose from the best pokie games and other card games, jackpot games and popular table games. Each category of game features different varieties and come in free mode, demo mode and real money mode. Players can try their luck with video poker, craps, all forms of slots, arcade games, roulette, pokies and blackjack, among other gaming types.

What Is An Online Pokie?

If you are new to world of pokies, there is a huge selection to choose from, all sporting different in-game features, themes and betting ranges. A pokie is a combination of video slots and poker machines. You can choose play top-class pokies and casino games at popular Aussie casinos and enjoy classic pokies, multi-spin pokies, progressive jackpot pokies and video pokies.


Reasons For Choosing Aussie Casinos

When looking for reasons why you would want to play top class pokies and casino games at popular Aussie casinos, it is easy to see why. Australian casinos offer players a great array of bonuses when they sign up with these sites. From reload bonuses, first deposit bonuses and free spins bonuses, players can start off their real money gaming with a bang. There are also many other reasons why players choose to play pokies on these sites.

These Australian sites offer endless free play on pokies with no time limits. Players can easily and freely download the online casinos, and games and pokies, onto their preferable device without having to spend anything. Players are rewarded with a loyalty programme as well. Players also choose to play pokies on these sites as they boast the most vivid colours, smooth interface and well-designed layouts.

Online games developers like Net Entertainment have applied more thought and technological craftsmanship with each phone pokies Australia game. A pokie is a popular choice as it has simple rules and the most basic gameplay. The odds of winning when playing a pokie is also a drawcard for players, with winning chances at an all-time high. When you Play top class pokies at mobile pokies NZ and casino games at popular casinos you stand in line to win high pay-outs and rewards. Endless hours of online entertainment are guaranteed every time with many top-class games to try out and enjoy. Players will never become bored or tired of the same game as there is a plethora of game types on offer.

Lastly, when you Play top class pokies and casino games at popular Aussie casinos you can enjoy on the go gaming, whenever and whenever. Online gaming has never been this convenient. The software used in the Australian sites and its games is compatible with most devices on the market as well, which means it is accessible for all players.

Canada’s Major Land-Based Casinos For Gamblers

Canada has a rich assortment of gaming playgrounds for players in quest of thrilling wagering opportunities and lifestyle entertainment. Land-Based casinos in Canada offer players a diverse assortment of entertainment in luxurious settings that are an escape from the trivialities of ordinary day life.

If you are looking for Canada’s biggest land-based casinos, you will be delighted by the following guide to the biggest land-based casinos in Canada, offering players a unique gaming and lifestyle experience.

Players opting for land-based casinos in Canada should be aware that land-based establishments are very different from online casinos in Canada. While online casinos are purely focused on play and the games on offer, land-based establishments set themselves apart by providing visitors to the casino in Canada with a holistic experience in upper-class lifestyle and entertainment.

River Rock Casino In British Columbia

River Rock British Colombia online casino is located on the shores of the Fraser River in Richmond. The River Rock Casino resort is the largest gaming venue in Western Canada. With the casino alone occupying 70.000 square feet, River Rock plays host to 900 slot machines, a poker lounge with 14 poker tables and a high stakes VIP room called the Dogwood Club.

The casino itself at River Rock Resort is impressive, yet with the Resort a lifestyle centre focused around entertainment, the resort accommodates other luxurious departments such as a buffet, which has a 260-seat capacity. Players in quest of something a bit more edgy can park off at the Racetrack, which is a restaurant offering off track betting and pub style food and drinks.

Other entertainment at the resort includes the River Rock show theatre, 202 hotel rooms and suites, the River Rock absolute spa and a curve lounge where patrons can mingle. These features add up to an all inclusive guest experience designed around player entertainment.

River Cree Casino And Resort

River Cree Casino and Resort is located on the Western edge of Edmonton. This resort is one of Canada’s biggest land-based casinos affording players with a mixed offering of entertainment. The resort itself is an infusion of casino, luxury resort and hockey centre.

This online casinos Canada offers players over 1000 slot machines and 39 game tables. Punter in quest of something more thrilling can head on over to Horses at tap 25 which offers off track betting and simple dining.


The resort competes as one of the Canada’s biggest land based casinos with a high stakes poker room, 249 rooms, Kitchen Buffet Bistro, Posh Sage, an upmarket centre bar and two NHL sized hockey rinks that host the Edmonton Oilers for practice from time to time.

Caesars Windsor Hotel And Casino

Located in Ontario, with a whopping 758 guest rooms and suites, a fitness centre in a 10.000 square foot atrium setting and a Coliseum showroom welcoming headlining acts, the Caesar Windsor is ranked as one of Canada’s biggest land-based casinos.

Guests at the Caesar Windsor have a choice of six cafes and restaurants, Legends Sports Bar where players can bet on popular sports, a poker lounge wit 14-poker tables and a wide array of slot machines that can even take your drinks order.

Casino Niagara

As the name suggests, Casino Niagara is located in Ontario on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. The Casino Niagara lives up to its name in true fashion, one of Canada’s biggest land-based casinos, the Casino Niagara is a whopping 95 000 square feet of pure gaming entertainment.

Loaded with entertainment the Niagara in Ontario has over 1500 slots, 40 table games, a poker lounge with 12 tables, a separate sports betting section boasting 26 HD television sets, the Yuk Yuk comedy club and a complete upmarket dining experience on offer at Lucky’s Steakhouse.

Casino De Montreal

Casino de Montreal in Quebec is located across the old port of Montreal. This mammoth palace of entertainment has five full floors devoted to gaming entertainment. Widely considered as one Canada’s biggest land-based casinos, casino de Montreal hosts over 3000 slots machines.

The entertainment inside the land-based casino is multi faceted with over 100 table games,  a poker section with 18 poker tables, regular Texas holdem tournaments and upmarket restaurants creating an all-in-one immersive casino experience in Canada.

History of Caribbean Stud Poker In-Detail

Caribbean Stud Poker is a table card game that has many things in common with its predecessor, Poker. It is also played with five cards, and the goals are pretty much the same, that is to create a winning hand that is of a higher score than your opponents and the dealers. The big difference with Caribbean Stud Poker is that there is no deception, and thus no need for a Poker Face.

When Poker itself became so popular in casinos all over the world, casinos sat up and took notice of this and between them came up with a variant to Poker that is a house banked game, in the hopes of attracting even more players to their tables. The actual story behind who came up with Caribbean Stud Poker and where, is a bit murky and has been claimed by a number of people. Safe to say that Caribbean Stud Poker began its life on the island of Aruba, and from there spread to the rest of the world.

What makes Caribbean Stud Poker Stand Apart

Caribbean Stud Poker is relatively unique in that it has a progressive jackpot linked to it. This jackpot varies from establishment to establishment, and can be that various games in the same casino are linked, or various games in various casinos are linked. With the advent of the Internet, Caribbean Stud Poker has taken on a whole new life in its progressive jackpot, as online casinos have access to a vastly greater number of player than brick and mortar casinos. Other than that Caribbean Stud Poker does not have any deception in it. You are not allowed to pass on any information about your hand at all, either true or false.

Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker

The rules to Caribbean Stud Poker are very similar to those of regular poli poker. Some details such as payouts and betting limits will vary depending on where the game is played, but generally the rules are the same internationally.

The game is started by players placing their ante on a marked spot on a playing surface. This is the initial bet and cannot be changed once it has been laid down. Here you have the choice to participate in the progressive jackpot or not. A chip is usually dropped into a slot marked for the purpose, and activates a light which states that you are participating. This obviously costs extra.

From here the dealer deals each player and himself five face down cards. The players then look at their cards, but may not discuss their hands in any way. They then have the choice to fold or play. If they fold they forfeit any previous bets. If they play they will have to raise their previous bet to double their ante. Once all players have folded or raised, the dealer then reveals his four hole cards. He may only qualify if his hand contains either an ace or a king, or if his hand forms a pair or any other higher ranked poker hand. He will then compare his five card hand to all the players’ hands. Any players whose hands beat the dealers hands win. If a dealers hand does match the criteria above, all players get their ante’s back doubled while the raised bets get returned with no effect.

Caribbean Stud Poker can only be played with one hand per player. Any player found discussing or otherwise communicating information about his hand in any way will be disqualified.

Before Play! Grasp The Knowledge About History of Keno

The game of Keno originated in China and was started by Cheung Leung as a way to fund the war effort.  The game became very popular and soon spread to other areas.  The results of the Keno draws were sent out to the outlying areas using carrier pigeons and the game became known as White Pigeon Game.  Keno brought in a large amount of funding for the war and is thought to have even contributed to building the Great Wall.

After many years the game found its way to the USA and was a board game using 80 Chinese characters.  This proposed a problem for English speaking players and the characters were subsequently replaced with numbers. When gambling became legal in Nevada around 1930 this Chinese lottery game was not legal and in order to solve this problem the name of the game was changed to Keno and it could then be legalised.  Keno grew in popularity and is still very popular in land-based casinos as well as online casinos.

How to Play Online Keno

Keno is a great way for Canadian players to enjoy a game of chance.  Playing online Keno is easy and the rules are simple.  First players must decide how many numbers and the numbers range from 1 to 20.  The amount that can be won depends on how many numbers are chosen.  For the best chances of winning Canadian players should bet 8, 9 or 10 numbers. Players then choose which numbers to bet on.  They may choose any numbers and for some this takes much deliberation.  The numbers are random which means players choose their lucky numbers for example or just any numbers that feel good at the time much like the lottery.

For online Keno players all they need to do next is hit the bet or play button and select how much money to bet.  Players put money on each game or one bet for multiple games. The online casino will then draw the numbers either drawing balls or letting the computer generate the numbers. The online casino will choose 20 numbers which means that Canadian online casino players will have odds of 1 in 4 of winning.  For players who win the online casino will automatically pay the winnings into their account.

Types of Bets

Canadian players can place two kinds of online casino bets. The straight bet is where players choose a particular set of numbers and if these are drawn the player will win.  This is easiest the bet to place when playing online Keno.  The way bets are where players select a group of sets of numbers on one Keno ticket that allows them to play more than a single set of numbers.

Advantages of Playing Keno Online

Playing online Keno has its advantages over playing in a land based casino. The main advantage is that online keno in Canada is convenient and can be played at any time and is always accessible. Playing online Keno allows Canadian players to place lower bets which means less risk. Playing at an online casino is also much safer with regard to money as players will not need to carry around large amounts of cash. Playing at a Canadian online casino also enables players to play Keno for free which means no real money bets and a risk free gaming experience.

Keno is a great online casino game for Canadian players and provides a game of chance and the opportunity for some great wins.

Introduction Of NetEnt Games Subtopia Touch Video Slot

The magical underwater world of Subtopia Touch attracts numerous treasure seekers and adventurous explorers alike. During play you will help a team of scientists, captains and teachers look for unknown species and uncover mysteries of the deep. Of course, along with these findings, you uncover abundant treasure!

Like all NetEnt games, Subtopia Touch is available in a no-download mode and has great graphics. Detailed icons, bright animations and a user-friendly interface – all this is available right in your mobile browser, convenient for play in the USA. It also features a soothing soundtrack that helps you feel the serene ambience of the deep.

Subtopia Touch has five separate reels and up to 20 win lines.

Free Spins, Scatters, Wild Symbols And Multipliers

The Subtopia Touch video slot has a number of exciting extras. There are the Free Spins and Wild symbols, but there also is a random multiplier. This multiplier appears during the main game and can multiply a line win.

The Wild symbol is the underwater mask. When you get this symbol on your reels, you will have an even bigger chance at winning. A Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols to create winning combos. However, a wild symbol cannot replace Scatter symbols and Multiplier symbols.

A win with Scatter symbols will be paid out times the multiplier. This multiplier can be found in the pay table. Scatter symbols also give you Free Spins when you get three or more of them. During the Free Spins, the Multiplier symbols will appear. These symbols can multiply your winnings by up to six times.

Subtopia Touch Controls

The Subtopia video slot is fun and easy to operate. You will find all the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The number of win lines you want to activate is set by the green buttons below Lines. The green buttons below Level allow you to set the number of coins per win line.

On the right you see Coin Value, where you can set the coin value you want to play bet per line. In the black bar at the bottom you can see the total amount you set. When you are done, you can click the middle round button to make the reels spin.

You can also play online real money pokies Australia on the maximum level and the maximum number of win lines by clicking Max Bet, although you first have to set a coin value. The reels will start spinning as soon as you click Max Bet.
The Auto Play button gives you the option of setting a number of rounds to play automatically. You can always stop Auto Play by clicking the Stop button.

Settings For Subtopia Touch

Just like all other NetEnt video slots, the Subtopia video slot has a number of game settings that can be adjusted to your liking. You can do this by clicking the icons at the bottom left of the screen.
The speaker icon turns the sound on or off.
The question mark icon opens the Help menu.
The wrench icon allows you to adjust the following settings: Fast Spin, Intro Screen on or off, Sound Effect, Ambience Sound, Graphic Quality, Hot Keys and Game History (not available in practice games).

Roulette Touch

Roulette Touch Explained

Roulette Touch is the European version of the table game in software developer NetEnt’s range of casino games for mobile devices with touch screens. The game places the betting table and wheel on two separate screens.

The graphics and sound effects are realistic rather than cartoonish, with the gaming areas set against a background of blue felt. Continue reading Roulette Touch

European BlackJack Multi Hand Online Game

European BlackJack Multi Hand is an online game created by the well known Play N Go Company. It is widely regarded as the preferred way to play blackjack, for those who enjoy an even faster paced game, blackjack already being a fast paced game in its standard form. The standard rules of blackjack are followed, which, as most will know, revolve around getting a hand as close to a total value of twenty one as possible. Continue reading European BlackJack Multi Hand Online Game

Net Entertainment Games Coming To Betfair And Comtrade platforms

Net Entertainment games coming to Betfair and Comtrade platforms gives online casino players even more access to the developer’s casino games which are considered to be some of the top quality casino games in the online casino industry. Net Entertainment relies on partnerships with online casino operators to deliver their games to the market as they do not have their own online casinos. Continue reading Net Entertainment Games Coming To Betfair And Comtrade platforms

The Cave King Video Slots Notable Features

The slots game that bears the name of Cave King, is normally best remembered for its remarkable prehistoric theme. The symbols are loud and happy, green dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and slightly scary sabre-toothed tigers. Burning lava streams move in between these symbols on the reels. Cave King video slots boasts five reels and thirty pay lines. The slot machine décor of palm trees and erupting volcanoes adds to the surreal effect. Continue reading The Cave King Video Slots Notable Features