Classic Detective Themed Loaded PI Slot Games

This is a rather unique theme for a slot game and as the name of Loaded PI slot suggests it is based on the famous detective style of old, featured in many a tv show and movie plot. The graphics style of this slot pursues this theme with a similar retro presence, with the overall quality of it presenting well on the mobile platform for which it was designed for. There are also a fair few additional aspects that developers Nektan have included in the overall experience of the game that helps perpetuate the theme onto the reels.

As any good detective knows however, one has to look deeper to fully understand the entire scope of the situation. In the case of this Loaded PI slot game this reveals the fact that there are t reels filled with symbols at the base game. These reels hold 25 pay lines that interlace the symbols into a web upon completing a spin, with the winning combinations formed upon them to ascertain prizes. There is also a few options available on screen that include an auto play, pay table and of course a few betting options. In classic Nektan fashion however this rather some mobile online slot game is followed up with some similar styled bonus features, to keep the game easy to play but also possibly rewarding.

Solving the Thematic Mystery on the Reels

The theme of this detective style whodunit type atmosphere is quite a change for the reels of a slot game, no less one designed for the mobile platform. Given that this Loaded PI slot was also designed for the mobile, the graphics quality available could either be attributed to the platform or the theme choice and adopts an overall classical ambiance to it with a definite influence of the modern involved. The other factors that play significant parts in this theme’s portrayal on the reels are the backdrop, the impacting sound effects and of course the symbols spinning themselves silly on said reels. Overall the result is a rather comical and almost cartoon style of retro and modern entanglements that gel together quite well in the end.

Getting back to the symbols spinning on the reels of this Loaded PI slot, we find that for the most part these hold quite thematic stand points from the place up high on the reels. On the 5 reels involved in this slot players will find symbols that include a Magnifying glass and classic styled police car as well as a few characters in this slot like a female singer, a bandit and of course the dapper looking detective himself.


Final Assessment and Bonuses to Discover

There are also a few bonuses in store for sports betting USA players willing to persist long enough to discover them. These include a Wild symbol which can of course impersonate other game symbols to acquire a few additional prizes on the reels when these symbols show up. The Wild is also capable of doling out quite a jackpot when in a combination on its own. The Scatter symbol in Loaded PI slot from Nektan is the one that triggers the free spins feature which awards players with free spins that can be retriggered whenever 3 or more of these Scatter symbols appear on the reels.