Diamond Tower Top 20 Online Slots Overview

Diamond Tower Top 20 is an online casino slot machine, featuring the Diamond Towers theme. This involves a collection of bright and colourful images, such as sports cars, speed boats, martinis and a mysterious, animated lady. The goal is to get as many matching symbols as possible per spin, with many bonus groups that equal big payouts. When picture icons are matched they will animate, and a pleasant tune will be played. The auto-spin option is available for this game, as well as the option to increase your wager per spin.

Mysterious Lady Bonuses

The mysterious lady symbol in the Diamond Tower Top 20 game acts as a wild card. She can be matched with any of the other symbols n the game, as a replacement, and grant major winning bonuses for the player. You may match, for example, two martinis and the mysterious lady, or two martinis and two mysterious ladies. It is therefore best to get as many of the mysterious lady as possible. When triggered, her icon will animate, causing her to change from a mysterious women into a burglar. This will activate the extra bonuses and payouts.

Diamond Icon Bonus

The diamond icons may not be matched with the mysterious women, but when matching at least five of per spin, the break-in bonus will be triggered. The animation for this sequence is an easilt identifiable bolt of lightening.

Interface And User Friendly Buttons

All the important information is displayed clearly to the player via a bar across the bottom of the screen. At a glance the player can see what their current balance is, how much has been won per spin, and what the current wager is. The option to increase the wager is also found here, as well as the auto-spin option. The auto-spin option, when selected, will automatically spin a certain amount of times consecutively, as selected by the player. The maximum auto-spin option is fifty, and the auto-spin cycle may be stopped at any time by simply clicking the stop button

Informative And Pleasant Sounds

Diamond Tower Top 20 features a selection of pleasant, simple sounds that add to the engagement of the game. They indicate when a player wins, when a good combination of icons has been achieved, and when the bonus break-in has been achieved. You can turn off the sounds by simply putting down the audio on your mobile phone, as you prefer.

Playing On Your Phone

Diamond Tower Top 20 is designed to played on a mobile pokies NZ device. The interface is user friendly, and all the buttons optimised for one touch access for maximum convenience on a touch screen. To get the game on your phone, simply search for it via Google Play Store, or Apple iStore. When located, simply tap to have the download and installation automatically occur. When the game has been installed, tap its icon to start playing. You may play the free demo version, which requires no account and no banking details. If you would like to play for real money, create an account and enter your banking details as is required. Be sure to keep your login details safe, and be sure to logout of the account once you are done playing.