iPad Casino Hold’em For Online Poker Gaming

With Apple still standing today as one of the world’s leading, multinational technology companies, iPad casino hold’em has claimed a trusted seat within the online casino gaming community. Based in California, Apple has been providing a number of services to consumers all over the world, including design, development, computer software and much more.

High quality design accompanied by impressive graphics ensure that all games that are produced for Apple devices, such as their ever-famous iPad, match their operating system counterparts. This essentially means that players are provided with the opportunity to experience seamless and unlimited online entertainment anywhere, at any time.

Casino Hold’em

Originally introduced as a fresh take on the game of Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em is a house game that was essentially designed to be dealt by a croupier, meaning players will play the house and not any of the other players in the game.

If the dealer qualifies to play in this variant, the game ultimately narrows down to who has the best hand between dealer and player. iPad casino hold’em has optimised the game for online use, with this game offering a seamless online contest between player and dealer anywhere and at anytime.

iPad Casino Hold’em Gameplay

iPad casino hold’em begins with the player making an ante bet before the dealer gives both himself and the player 2 hole cards and places 3 community cards on the table, face up. Players can also place a side bet that is available, known as the AA bonus bet.


It is now time for the player to decide whether they are going to play on or fold or call, with the call bet required to be double the ante bet. Another 2 community cards are then dealt and the dealer turns his cards over.

Hands are then scored according to the highest value of the 2 hole cards and the 5 community cards. If the dealer has qualified by having a pair of 4s or higher, they could very well then beat the player and claim the winnings. However, if the dealer qualifies and his hand doesn’t beat the players then players are paid according to the ante paytable and receive 1:1 on their call bet.


iPad casino hold’em combines the many advantages of playing on a computer desktop with the convenience and benefits of mobile casino games. Ultimately, players have the opportunity to access seamless, visually crisp online casino Malaysia games such as bingo for money like they would do at home with the added advantage of not being restricted to gameplay at home.

Touch screen capability ensures that iPad casino hold’em brings even more to the table for online card games, while the large, high-quality screen allows player to truly enjoy and engage with the game.

Download iPad Casino Hold’em

Players who wish to have unlimited access to iPad casino hold’em can download the game through the Apple iStore. While many online casinos will offer this game, it is important that a player has access to an active internet connection in order to truly have a seamless experience with iPad casino hold’em.

Players with limited signal are not to fear however, with single versions of Texas hold’em played against a computer-controlled house is available. Players may find a number of casinos that offer free gameplay, as well as those that require real money.