Before Play! Grasp The Knowledge About History of Keno

The game of Keno originated in China and was started by Cheung Leung as a way to fund the war effort.  The game became very popular and soon spread to other areas.  The results of the Keno draws were sent out to the outlying areas using carrier pigeons and the game became known as White Pigeon Game.  Keno brought in a large amount of funding for the war and is thought to have even contributed to building the Great Wall.

After many years the game found its way to the USA and was a board game using 80 Chinese characters.  This proposed a problem for English speaking players and the characters were subsequently replaced with numbers. When gambling became legal in Nevada around 1930 this Chinese lottery game was not legal and in order to solve this problem the name of the game was changed to Keno and it could then be legalised.  Keno grew in popularity and is still very popular in land-based casinos as well as online casinos.

How to Play Online Keno

Keno is a great way for Canadian players to enjoy a game of chance.  Playing online Keno is easy and the rules are simple.  First players must decide how many numbers and the numbers range from 1 to 20.  The amount that can be won depends on how many numbers are chosen.  For the best chances of winning Canadian players should bet 8, 9 or 10 numbers. Players then choose which numbers to bet on.  They may choose any numbers and for some this takes much deliberation.  The numbers are random which means players choose their lucky numbers for example or just any numbers that feel good at the time much like the lottery.

For online Keno players all they need to do next is hit the bet or play button and select how much money to bet.  Players put money on each game or one bet for multiple games. The online casino will then draw the numbers either drawing balls or letting the computer generate the numbers. The online casino will choose 20 numbers which means that Canadian online casino players will have odds of 1 in 4 of winning.  For players who win the online casino will automatically pay the winnings into their account.

Types of Bets

Canadian players can place two kinds of online casino bets. The straight bet is where players choose a particular set of numbers and if these are drawn the player will win.  This is easiest the bet to place when playing online Keno.  The way bets are where players select a group of sets of numbers on one Keno ticket that allows them to play more than a single set of numbers.

Advantages of Playing Keno Online

Playing online Keno has its advantages over playing in a land based casino. The main advantage is that online keno in Canada is convenient and can be played at any time and is always accessible. Playing online Keno allows Canadian players to place lower bets which means less risk. Playing at an online casino is also much safer with regard to money as players will not need to carry around large amounts of cash. Playing at a Canadian online casino also enables players to play Keno for free which means no real money bets and a risk free gaming experience.

Keno is a great online casino game for Canadian players and provides a game of chance and the opportunity for some great wins.

Introduction Of NetEnt Games Subtopia Touch Video Slot

The magical underwater world of Subtopia Touch attracts numerous treasure seekers and adventurous explorers alike. During play you will help a team of scientists, captains and teachers look for unknown species and uncover mysteries of the deep. Of course, along with these findings, you uncover abundant treasure!

Like all NetEnt games, Subtopia Touch is available in a no-download mode and has great graphics. Detailed icons, bright animations and a user-friendly interface – all this is available right in your mobile browser, convenient for play in the USA. It also features a soothing soundtrack that helps you feel the serene ambience of the deep.

Subtopia Touch has five separate reels and up to 20 win lines.

Free Spins, Scatters, Wild Symbols And Multipliers

The Subtopia Touch video slot has a number of exciting extras. There are the Free Spins and Wild symbols, but there also is a random multiplier. This multiplier appears during the main game and can multiply a line win.

The Wild symbol is the underwater mask. When you get this symbol on your reels, you will have an even bigger chance at winning. A Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols to create winning combos. However, a wild symbol cannot replace Scatter symbols and Multiplier symbols.

A win with Scatter symbols will be paid out times the multiplier. This multiplier can be found in the pay table. Scatter symbols also give you Free Spins when you get three or more of them. During the Free Spins, the Multiplier symbols will appear. These symbols can multiply your winnings by up to six times.

Subtopia Touch Controls

The Subtopia video slot is fun and easy to operate. You will find all the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The number of win lines you want to activate is set by the green buttons below Lines. The green buttons below Level allow you to set the number of coins per win line.

On the right you see Coin Value, where you can set the coin value you want to play bet per line. In the black bar at the bottom you can see the total amount you set. When you are done, you can click the middle round button to make the reels spin.

You can also play online real money pokies Australia on the maximum level and the maximum number of win lines by clicking Max Bet, although you first have to set a coin value. The reels will start spinning as soon as you click Max Bet.
The Auto Play button gives you the option of setting a number of rounds to play automatically. You can always stop Auto Play by clicking the Stop button.

Settings For Subtopia Touch

Just like all other NetEnt video slots, the Subtopia video slot has a number of game settings that can be adjusted to your liking. You can do this by clicking the icons at the bottom left of the screen.
The speaker icon turns the sound on or off.
The question mark icon opens the Help menu.
The wrench icon allows you to adjust the following settings: Fast Spin, Intro Screen on or off, Sound Effect, Ambience Sound, Graphic Quality, Hot Keys and Game History (not available in practice games).

Important To Know Basics Of Tiki Wonders Online Slots

In the Tiki Wonders online slot game, players can get free spins, which are a great way of getting new winning possibilities. In this slot for US players, there are 10 free spins on offer, or 20, or even 30 free spins which you might be able to get you hands on. In order for American players to get hold of these free spins, you need to land the scatter symbols on reels 3, 4 or 5.

There is another interesting addition to the free spins part of the game, and this is that a win multiplier is actually applied to everything the player is able to win while using these free spins. A 3x win multiplier is automatically applied to all wins during the free spins part of the game. As with many other online slot games, there is a wild symbol in this particular slot.

If you are able to land the Surfer symbol on any of the win lines, this will automatically replace any of the other game symbols, and in so doing can potentially create some additional winning options. The one exception is the scatter symbol, and the wild is not able to replace this symbol.

Tiki Wonders Betting Guide

The Tiki Wonders online game for American players was developed by NetEnt. With a minimum bet of 0.30, but a maximum bet of 60, this game is well suited to players on all budget levels. Many players do use a playing or wagering strategy in which they place the maximum bet on each spin, but of course the strategy you make use of is all down to your personal preferences.

The Tiki Wonders slot consists of 30 pay lines, and a standard 5 game reels. One of the main attractions to this online slot comes if you are able to land 5 of the kite surfer dude symbols, in which case you can potentially win a massive main jackpot prize. For full details of what all the game symbols are, and what these pay out, you can refer to the paytable that goes along with the cricket betting game. This information will typically be available at any American online casino that is offering the Tiki Wonders slot. Pay attention to what the best winning combinations are, and see if you might be able to land some of the great combos on the active pay lines.

Tiki Wonders Hula Dancer

Some of the main game symbols that you will come across in the Tiki Wonders slot include the dolphin, lizard, and turtle symbols. Some of the other symbols include the Pink Cocktail, the Pineapple Cocktail, and numerous others.

If you are able to land any of the Hula Dancer symbols, these act as scatter symbols. In order to get your hands on any of the game’s free spins, you need to land as many of these Hula Dancer symbols as possible. By doing so, you could be fortunate enough to access the 30 free spins that are on offer to players. Remember that any wins you are able to get while using free spins will have a 3x win multiplier attached to them.

Voodoo Vibes Online Slots Game from NetEnt

Certainly one of the online slots games that have a great deal of appeal for many players is the Voodoo Vibes slot for all American players. Developed by Net Entertainment, players who have tried other games from this gaming developer are likely to find something that they enjoy in this slot game. Many online casinos will offer a free or no deposit version of the game. This is aimed specifically at players who want to try out the slot for the first time.

Without having to spend anything or having to make any sort of deposit into a virtual account, players can just try the Voodoo Vibes slot for the fun of it. Because there is no risk of losing any of your own money, you can just play the game however you would like, and possibly work on a good betting strategy.

New players must remember that you cannot win real money in this version of the game, and so if you do happen to win the main jackpot, this will not be a real money prize. Once you are comfortable with how everything works, it is then fairly straightforward to switch over and play the real money version of the game for USA players.

Wild Symbol Voodoo Vibes Slot

The Voodoo Vibes slot for US players offers the standard 5 game reels, and 25 different win lines which can all be activated for each spin if you decide to go for that sort of strategy. There are a range of bright and colorful symbols that you will discover as the game unfolds. Some of these include voodoo dolls, snakes, candles, skulls, and also voodoo princess characters.

Full details about all the game symbols can be found on the Voodoo Vibes online casino nz paytable that the online casino will typically provide along with the game. This slot does offer a wild symbol, and in this case it is the Witch Doctor Wild. As with many other NetEnt slot games, the wild symbol is able to replace all other symbols except for the game’s scatter symbol.

Voodoo Vibes Bonus Games

In order to trigger the free spins portion of the game, Voodoo Vibes USA players need to try and land at least two of the snake scatter symbol. Once the bonus free spins Voodoo Vibes feature has been activated, players will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Any wins that they can accumulate while using these free spins will receive a 3x win multiplier, which is one of the easiest ways of increasing your winnings total. If you are able to land three or more of the scatter symbols across the game reels, the Prick and Win game bonus will be activated.

During this game, all players need to need is prick a voodoo doll, and different game prizes will be revealed. There are 12 different voodoo dolls to choose from. Players can keep on pricking these dolls until the time that they find one of the dolls that do not contain a prize. At this stage, they will be returned to the standard game play part of this online slot.

Wonky Wabbits Online Slots Designed By Net Entertainment

Wonky Wabbits is designed by Net Entertainment and is set in a vegetable garden that has a cartoon like appearance.  The background looks like it has been made out of hand stitched material and has rows of green hills with rows of carrots.  Grey mountains can be seen in the distance and the blue sky has cotton wool like clouds.  The main characters are cute, but crazy looking rabbits.  Wonky Wabbits has 5 reels with 15 paylines and is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac.  This online slot game will keep USA players entertained with an energetic tune playing in the background and a tune will play when players have a winning combination.  There will also be animations at certain times and bursts of confetti will appear.

Wild Symbol and Duplicate Feature

Wonky Wabbits does not have a scatter symbol.  The wild symbol is the word wild and is embroidered in yellow against a purple background.  If a wild symbol appears on the reels it will duplicate the symbol to create the best possible win on any particular spin.  If 2 wilds appear, 2 extra wilds will also appear and so it will continue.  Reels 2 and 4 will have stacked wilds which will reward USA players with up to 14 wilds and this will happen after the wild duplication feature.  Wonky Wabbits does not have a separate bonus game.  The wild symbol can substitute for all of the other symbols.  Other symbols include tomatoes, corn and broccoli as well as the card symbols Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

How to Place a Bet

There are 15 bet lines offering 10 bet levels and the coin values range from 0.01 up to 0.50.  The minimum bet is 0.30 and the maximum bet per spin is 150.00.  Bet levels can be set by using the bet level button and the coin value button is to select a coin value.  The coins button will show players how many coins they have remaining to play with and the max bet allows players to play using the highest level at the selected coin value.  Payouts will be made according to the paytable.

Control Panel and Navigation

The control panel is easy to use and players should not have any difficulties navigating their way around.  The green circle button starts a game using the current betting levels and the coin value.  The wrench button will display the game settings and the speaker button can be used to mute or adjust the sound.  To display the rules of the game the question mark button may be clicked.  Wonky Wabbits has an auotplay function and this can be activated by using the auto button.  Here players can choose the amount of spins and the reels will spin automatically.  The arrows going left or right will enable players to look through the paytable and the i button will display the paytable.

Wonky Wabbits is one of Net Enetertainments simpler online casino UK slots, but offers players a fun and entertaining gaming experience.  There is also the opportunity to win with the wild duplicate feature.

Diamond Tower Top 20 Online Slots Overview

Diamond Tower Top 20 is an online casino slot machine, featuring the Diamond Towers theme. This involves a collection of bright and colourful images, such as sports cars, speed boats, martinis and a mysterious, animated lady. The goal is to get as many matching symbols as possible per spin, with many bonus groups that equal big payouts. When picture icons are matched they will animate, and a pleasant tune will be played. The auto-spin option is available for this game, as well as the option to increase your wager per spin.

Mysterious Lady Bonuses

The mysterious lady symbol in the Diamond Tower Top 20 game acts as a wild card. She can be matched with any of the other symbols n the game, as a replacement, and grant major winning bonuses for the player. You may match, for example, two martinis and the mysterious lady, or two martinis and two mysterious ladies. It is therefore best to get as many of the mysterious lady as possible. When triggered, her icon will animate, causing her to change from a mysterious women into a burglar. This will activate the extra bonuses and payouts.

Diamond Icon Bonus

The diamond icons may not be matched with the mysterious women, but when matching at least five of per spin, the break-in bonus will be triggered. The animation for this sequence is an easilt identifiable bolt of lightening.

Interface And User Friendly Buttons

All the important information is displayed clearly to the player via a bar across the bottom of the screen. At a glance the player can see what their current balance is, how much has been won per spin, and what the current wager is. The option to increase the wager is also found here, as well as the auto-spin option. The auto-spin option, when selected, will automatically spin a certain amount of times consecutively, as selected by the player. The maximum auto-spin option is fifty, and the auto-spin cycle may be stopped at any time by simply clicking the stop button

Informative And Pleasant Sounds

Diamond Tower Top 20 features a selection of pleasant, simple sounds that add to the engagement of the game. They indicate when a player wins, when a good combination of icons has been achieved, and when the bonus break-in has been achieved. You can turn off the sounds by simply putting down the audio on your mobile phone, as you prefer.

Playing On Your Phone

Diamond Tower Top 20 is designed to played on a mobile pokies NZ device. The interface is user friendly, and all the buttons optimised for one touch access for maximum convenience on a touch screen. To get the game on your phone, simply search for it via Google Play Store, or Apple iStore. When located, simply tap to have the download and installation automatically occur. When the game has been installed, tap its icon to start playing. You may play the free demo version, which requires no account and no banking details. If you would like to play for real money, create an account and enter your banking details as is required. Be sure to keep your login details safe, and be sure to logout of the account once you are done playing.

The Mad Mad Monkey Online Slots Game

Mad Mad Monkey is a digital slot game created for Microgaming’s online slots platform Quickfire that adopts the jungle theme used in many other monkey-themed slots games. The background, in a palette of blues and greens, features a dense rain forest choked with trees and creepers, accompanied by a soundtrack of enthusiastic monkey noises. In free spins mode, the somewhat forbidding background changes to a much more flamboyant scene of colourful flowers and a spectacular waterfall. The mad mad monkey himself makes regular appearances from behind the reels, and after a big win will climb the screen, King Kong-style.

Mad Mad Monkey uses five reels and offers the player 50 bet lines, with a maximum bet per line of 20X the minimum. The highest win possible, five bananas with multipliers in free spins mode, can net a player 9 000X the line bet on a spin. As with most slots, wins require a match of three, four or five identical symbols (or wilds) in sequence, beginning on the leftmost reel. However, the 50 bet lines make all sorts of patterns possible that will result in matches and wins.

Mad Mad Monkey Basic Symbols and Wild

The Mad Mad Monkey game uses the standard poker icons 10, J, Q, K and A as its minor symbols, dressing them each to theme with the addition of a few leaves. The major symbols, in increasing order of win value, are peanuts, a split coconut, a goofy-looking snake, a rainbow-hued parrot and an enticing peeled banana.

The Wild icon, aptly enough, is the mad mad monkey himself, grinning insanely, and it can substitute for any icons except the Scatter symbol. Any winning matches that include the Wild will result in double the win, or tripled winnings during the Free online slots casino Australia Games feature. In addition, the Wild and banana icons can also appear in stacks on reels two, three and four. These stacks can be two, three or four icons high, so they greatly enhance the number of winning bet lines possible.

Three Scatters Trigger Free Games

The Scatter icon in Mad Mad Monkey is the game’s logo; three in any position after a spin will trigger free spins, called the Free Games feature. Free games are heralded by an animation of the mad mad monkey breaking out of the logo. They consist of 10 free spins during which all wins are trebled, but if three Scatter icons show up during a Free Games round, another 10 free spins are scored.

All wins during these free spins are automatically trebled, but the Wild monkey icon is also a multiplier, which increases all wins X2 in normal play, and X3 in Free Games. So a winning bet line consisting of five Wilds (substituting for five bananas) in Free Games mode will actually feature a 3X times 3X = 9X multiplier of the usual 1 000X win. In other words, the top win possible in Mad Mad Monkey is a substantial 9 000X the line bet.

Black Knight Video Slot – Set in the Age of Chivalry

Black Knight is a video slot machine that has found a large following since it was introduced. It is 5-reel, 30 pay line game, and is set in the era of age old fantasy of Kings, Queens, Jesters and old castles.  There are also symbols of a crown, a golden orb, and sceptre and royal rings on the reels. It all takes place against the background of an old map of France. It is a straightforward game, fairly easy to play, even amidst the armour and knights on prancing horses. There is a progressive jackpot that is offered in this game, and this accumulative jackpot can be triggered at any time. This game can certainly also provide significant winnings.

As expected, the main icon is the Black Knight, although it is never really clear if he is a good or evil character. He certainly has nothing to do with the superheroes of the comics. He only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and acts as a Wild symbol, replacing any other symbol, also including the Scatter feature.  If the bonus round is triggered, the Black Knight becomes even more important, and plays another part in the game. If the Black Knight appears at any time during the seven free spins that are awarded, then he will expand across the whole reel and will be held there for the remainder of the free spins round. The player can be awarded up to three of these during the bonus round, although that does not happen often.

Bonuses Offered in Black Knight

The Black Knight offers a solid, fairly standard and classic slots experience. The graphics, although colourful and interesting, are not spectacular. The main bonus offered in this game, and the most profitable, is the Black Knight bonus. This is activated when three or more black knight symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Not only does this offer the player an extremely handsome bonus, but it will also grant the seven free spins that is a clearly a desirable goal. During the free spins round there are many expanding wilds on the screen. It is obvious that the appearance of the black knight can lead to a big payout.

How to Play Black Knight

This game is not a game of battle between any of the knights. All the player has to do to enjoy the game play is to determine the wager that is desired for the play, spin the reels, using the button on the right side of the screen, and then start playing the game.

This is one of several of the games released online by Williams Interactive, and there are more being added all the time in lucky nugget casino.

Black Knight can be played for free and just for fun.  It is a game played often in the live casinos, but the player can, however, if he so wishes, sign up and play for real money through an authorised online site. Many players will do this in order to take advantage of the high jackpots that are offered in this video slots game.

Marilyn Red Carpet Online Slots Entertainment

The Marilyn Red Carpet video slots game has been designed and developed by Novomatic. The game, as do a few other Novomatic slots, features the iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe. She dominates the theme and is also the star of numerous symbols. Other symbols include gem-dominated standard playing cards, as well as other movie-themed representations, such as the director’s chair.

The Marilyn Red Carpet Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the Marilyn Red Carpet slots game is represented by Marilyn Monroe herself, and the wild symbol features the icon in her white dress. The wild white dress Marilyn symbol may be used to replace any of the other symbols in a pay line, thereby helping players complete winning combinations and creating the best possible combinations resulting in the highest payouts.

The Marilyn Red Carpet Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the Marilyn Red Carpet slots game is also represented by Marilyn Monroe herself, this time in a close up portrait image. The Marilyn portrait scatter symbol can only appear on the second and fourth reels, but if players happen to land two scatter symbols in one active pay line, they will be rewarded with five free spins. This free spins bonus round can be re-triggered, even within the actual free spins round.

The free spins bonus works in a unique way to offer more winning chances. In the first free spin, the whole fifth reel will turn wild. In the second free spin, the whole of the third reel will turn wild. The third free spin will turn the whole of the first reel wild. The fourth free spin will turn both the first and the third reels wild. Finally, the fifth free spin will turn the first, third, and fifth reels wild. If more free spins happen to be awarded, then all of those final three reels will remain wild for the duration of the next round of free spins.

The Marilyn Red Carpet Gamble Feature

The Marilyn Red Carpet online casino Dubai slots game also offers players a gamble feature, which may be accessed after every winning spin. In the gamble feature, players will have the chance to gamble their winnings for a chance to either double or quadruple them. All players need to do is guess the correct colour or suit of a hidden standard playing card. If they guess the correct colour of the playing card, their winnings will be doubled. If they guess the correct suit of the playing card, their wins will be quadrupled. The gamble feature is an optional feature that players may choose to access if they so desire.

How to Play Marilyn Red Carpet

To begin playing the Marilyn Red Carpet slots game, players will simply have to select their coin denomination, bet per line, and number of lines they wish to play on. They may choose to play one, three, five, eight, or ten lines and bet between 0.01 and four on each line. After having selected their bets, players will go on to spin the reels and look out if they do or do not land any winning combinations.

Honey To The Bee a Popular Slots Game

Honey to the Bee by Real Time Gaming is a slot with many whimsical and colourful graphics that bring alive the world of the Honey Bee, and the cheerful background sounds are part of the entertainment. The object of the game is to collect the delicious honey and sell it for a huge amount of money.

The player has just to press the Spin button to start the fun, and bees will start buzzing through the game. One coin on each pay line can begin the game. The Honey to the Bee Canadian casino games has a betting range that will suit most online slots players, whatever their experience level. The player can manually stop the reels spinning if he wishes to, by pressing the stop button.

On the screen the player will see an apiary, and symbols like the Sunflower, a pot of honey, a Worker Bee and a Queen Bee, and a Beehive as well as a Ladybird.

An Amazing Top Fixed Jackpot

The Worker Bee is the Wild, but it is also a multiplier that can double the player’s wins. This symbol can serve as a stand in for a winning combination for any other symbol except the Scatter symbol. The Beehive is the Scatter symbol, and will award a payout whenever it appears anywhere on the reels.

The Worker Bee is the highest paying symbol in the slots game. The Worker Bee only appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. If the player hits on four Worker Bee symbols on a selected pay line, he will win the 5000 top fixed jackpot. The Worker Bee is the Wild symbol and will substitute for all the other symbols except the Scatter, which is the Bee Hive. When the Worker Bee substitutes for another symbol in a winning combination, The Worker Bee will also work as a multiplier of two times, and double any winnings the player has made.

The second most valuable symbol is the Queen Bee, and she can pay the player up to 1000 coins when she appears by herself, or 2000 coins when she appears with a Worker Bee Wild multiplier, which has substituted for another symbol in a winning combination.

One Of the Best Known of All Real Time Gaming’s Slots

Honey to the Bee has five reels and twenty pay lines, and has become one of the best known of Real Time Gaming’s slots games on account of the potential fixed jackpot win of 5000 coins. The classic card symbols are also present, from nine through to the Ace.

Honey to the Bee offers the players a variety of bonuses. There is an opportunity to win free spins when one or more of the Worker Bees appears on any of the reels, and the player hits the Beehive on reel 5. The player is then awarded fifteen free spins. The games that make use of free spins can reward the player with double their winnings. The Scatter is the Bee Hive, and two or more Scatters appearing anywhere on the reels will award the player with a Scatter payout. The player can win up to 100 times his total bet when five Bee Hive Scatters appear on any of the reels.

The progressive jackpot offered in Honey to the Bee is a random jackpot, like most of Real Time Gaming’s slots, and players have a chance to win it at the conclusion of each spin.