Roulette Touch

Roulette Touch Explained

Roulette Touch is the European version of the table game in software developer NetEnt’s range of casino games for mobile devices with touch screens. The game places the betting table and wheel on two separate screens.

The graphics and sound effects are realistic rather than cartoonish, with the gaming areas set against a background of blue felt.

The table includes Inside and Outside bets, which can be placed using chips of various sizes. The wheel results are produced by a certified random number generator.

Options for Playing Roulette Touch

Roulette Touch can be played on smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS, or other operating systems. There are two ways in which the game can be accessed.

One way of doing so would be to play it in browser, which does not require players to download anything. The other way of playing the game would be for players with an Android or iOS device to download an app.

The game can be played for free or for real money.

Roulette Touch Basic Gameplay

Roulette Touch is played according to the rules of the classic European version of the game. Players can move between the betting grid and wheel by swiping left or right.

The Outside bets are found on the lower part of the grid, which gives them the perspective of being closer to the player. The Inside bets are found on the upper part of the grid.

Outside bets have wider scope than Inside bets, and include such bets as Red, Black, Columns, Dozens, Odd, and Even. Inside bets are placed on either specific numbers, or on complex groups of numbers.

There are 37 pockets on the wheel. One of the pockets is numbered zero, and the other pockets are numbered from one to 36.

Roulette Touch is played by betting on the number or the colour of the pocket the player thinks will turn out to be the one in which the ball comes to a rest when the wheel stops spinning.

The game rules explain each of the different NRL betting odds options, and can be accessed by tapping the menu button. Useful information is also offered by way of pop-ups on the main playing screens.

Bets are placed by touching and dragging the chip of the chosen denomination to the relevant area on the table. The wheel spins and the ball is dropped into it when players tap the Spin button.

The result is displayed when the wheel has stopped spinning and the ball has come to a rest.

Betting and Other Roulette Touch Play Options

There are several different betting and play options in Roulette Touch. Among these is a generous betting range.

The four different chips available in the game are valued at 1, 5, 25, and 100. The game’s minimum bet is 1.00, and the maximum bet is 500.00, although the straight up maximum bet is 10.

The game interface makes it easy to change or double bets while placing bets on the table.

Roulette Touch also has playing options such as Autoplay and Quickspin. The Autoplay option can be used to set the game to play automatically for as many as 1000 turns of the wheel.

The Quickspin feature shortens the time of the wheel’s spins, so more games can be played in one session.