Paradise Review For Super Lucky Reels Online Video Slot

Here comes a slot that has style. Combining classic casino slot action into real winnings with a modern twist. Players who love spinning reels will love this online video slot. Bold colours, unique ways to play and plenty of betting angles gives Super Lucky reels a diversity that most other slots lack. The classic ka-chink of these reels chime in the distance, drawing players in to her warm and lucrative embrace.

What’s Inside The Slot

What makes this online video slot so interesting is that it took the standard three reel slot machine and found it lacking. But to hold on to that classic feel, Super Lucky reels didn’t change the number of reels, instead they added two more. Now to clarify this conflicting statement it should be reconfirmed that there are in fact only three reels laden with this games choice of symbols. The additional two are added with increased line bets or active paylines and feature coin bonuses, multipliers and respins. So ultimately instead of losing that classic casino slot feel by clogging the game with odd symbols with strange traits, this slot keeps it clean and simply adds all the bonus after the spin.

Three Reels, Way More Winning

The symbols players will find emblazoned on the reels of this slot game hold true to its character and intent; to bring to the betting community a classic and modern slot all in one package. Players will see sevens, bars and other traditional slot icons. On the list too is the slots name symbol and a domino, sporting the highest and second highest symbol values respectively. The intention then is of course to line up three or more same symbols across the reels. If players bet across all paylines and activate both additional reels these wins can be boosted further.

The first bonus reel adds a sum of coins on top of wins lined up. The second one grants multipliers up to 10x as well as respins. These bonuses are only applied to winning lines across the initial three reels, but this means that those wins will not only be able to score extra coins but also grossly multiply these winnings and add further free spins which too can then reap these same rewards across the last two reels.

Super Lucky reels have deftly revamped the classic casino slot game with greater bonuses and unique twists whilst highlighting the tradition of the slot game. A great online video slot for all online horse betting Australia players to be sure. But certain aspects of a slot, at least in regard to the players, are based on the company it embodies. With Super Lucky reels, produced by leading casino game innovators, this means a healthy level of safety, support and other forms of general aid. Players will be able to sit back and just focus on their reels with this one, whilst there queries are answered by constant support staff that monitor the online games, prevent them crashing and ensuring that when players win, they see every cent.